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Jarre during the press-conference in Moscow. The sentence is "I've been making the show for 1.5 year".


This is the photo from government newspaper. Probably also made during the press-conference.

Wise desicion...

Wise desicion - the earlier you are at the place, the closer you can get to the stage...

The road ahead

The road ahead. Photo by D.Petras

Before the concert.

Before the concert.

Finally it started!

Oh yes ! The show started finally, after 40-minute delay! Everyone is struggling to see more ! :-)

During Ethnicolor

During Ethnicolor

Le Maitre

Le Maitre. The sentence says "Even JMJ is sweet when it's freebie". I feel somewhat insulted by it. Are you ?

More Jean-Michel.

Le Maitre again. The figures on the right bottom were projected during Oxygene 12 which was supposed to be the central song of the show, but actually it were Revolutions and Rendez-Vous 4 that the crowd appreciated most (me too).

Rendez-Vous 4

Rendez-Vous 4: the highlight. Photo from Ogonyok magazine.

The stage

The show is over and everyone can approach the stage and find out how it looks like :-)

After the concert

After the concert: ride on the roof.

The day after

The day after: quiet and peaceful again. 12 hours ago it was all crowded even here at such a distant location ! I can well believe there were 3,5 million viewers !

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