Pages dedicated to Oxygen in Moscow:

Galaxie Jarre - great extensive section with concert area map, lots of photos and large concert report.

Andrew Martis page - you can hear the complete concert in MP3 here ! Made from TV broadcast so don't expect high quality.

Pages made by Andrei Gimza - a must-see! Contains a HUGE photo gallery (including photos made during stage and site set-up), and nice report (in Russian only, so learn it ;-).

Kate Davy pages - lots of photos made from TV broadcast.

Unknown owner pages - more photos made from TV.

Radio NRJ - 18 nice but low-quality backstage photos.

Damien Cohas page - with lots of background info in French.

Norwegian fanclub page - some nice phots (I wish I had these on paper) :-).

Gleb Bylov page - some onstage photos.

If you know other pages, please tell me.

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