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Re: kursovik

Sam Lowry wrote:

> Hi there!
> I just want to make things clearer about the
> gender of the word 'locale' in Russian.
> Antipov always uses the neuter gender while
> referring to locale. This seems strange because
> using feminine for this word is more natural.
> Just like 'morale' which is pronounced in the same
> way:
> /m@rAl/ and /l@kAl/, not /m@reIl/ and /l@keIl/.
> --
> Sam Lowry

The usual practice for "locale" in informal conversation is female
And you are perfectly right that this is due to the word structure which
sounds exactly
female in Russian. But the trouble is that major part of computer terms
are new in Russian
and there are not well established official standardization for such a
terminology yet.
For example, the Russian word for "directory" is usually female as well
but I've seen
printed books which used male gender. This is standard trouble with
foreign words in
Russian. The renown example is the word "coffee". In russian
pronunciation it sounds
perfectly like neutral Russian gender but according to official standard
it is male word.


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