Assorted Eagle Libraries


These libraries are offered free of any charge, but I take absolutely no reponsibility for any kind of losses that may be caused by using them. Proceed on your own risk.

Update 01/2010 : The most current version resides now in a Mercurial repository on Google Code [link]. Files can be checked out or downloaded individually. If the link opens at the root of repository browser, go to hg/eagle/lbr/svo folder.

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List of parts in this archive

May be not up to date!

Just In Case You Missed the Disclaimer

Some parts are not verified. You can't use them in any project that costs more than $0.00 without thorough verification!


Just in case you're a genetic failure and unite aesthetics and engineering skills under one cranium, you might enjoy these icons for Cadsoft Eagle and Altera Quartus. They're in SVG format and in 256x256 bitmaps, which should suit fine for any kind of crazy dock application you might have.

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