metasend - Crude interface for sending non-text mail.


metasend [-b] [-c cc] [-e encoding] [-f filename] [-m MIME-type
         [-s subject] [-S splitsize] [-t to] [-z]


The metasend program will allow a user to send a pre-existing data file as non-text audio mail.

With no arguments, the program will ask the user for the To, Subject, and CC fields. It will then ask for the name of an existing file. Next, it will ask the user to provide the MIME content-type field value, which is something that most users won't know how to answer. Finally, it will ask what encoding type, if any, should be applied to this data.

Alternately, all of this information can be provided on the comand line, using the following options:

-t to
specifies the To address
-c cc
specifies the CC address
-e encoding
specifies the encoding type. Must be either "base64", "quoted-printable", "7bit", or "x-uue". "7bit" means no encoding is performed.
-f filename
specifies the file containing the data
-m MIME-type
specifies the MIME content-type
-s subject
specifies the Subject field
-S splitsize
specifies the maximum size before splitting into parts via splitmail.
specifies Batch (non-interactive) Mode. Will exit with an error message if -f, -m, -s, and -t are not also used.
specifies that the temporary files should be deleted EVEN IF DELIVERY FAILS.

This is intended largely for mail hackers. A much friendlier interface to non-text mail is provided by mailto.

The mail will be delivered using the splitmail program, so if long it will arrive as several pieces which can be automatically reassembled by metamail. The definition of "long" can be altered using the -S flag or the SPLITSIZE environment variable, as described in the splitmail man page.


audiosend, mailto-hebrew, mailto, metamail, mmencode, splitmail


Should do a better job of choosing the encoding if you don't specify one.


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Nathaniel S. Borenstein, Bellcore