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Contribution Contact Personal thoughts
Site concept, commentary,
images, song line-up
Sven Kahrkling
Toronto, Canada
(UTC -05:00)
Personally, when I put on certain music, I have to drop everything to concentrate on the music. I can't insult good music by using it as "background". There's plenty of music that fits that category, but not Software.
"Heaven to Hell" information & image,
Mergener & Weisser info,
Russian translation,
additional suggestions
Alexander Kanavin
St.Petersburg, Russia
(UTC +03:00)
Very few people explore the world of electronic music beyond, say, Jean-Michel Jarre. But the Electronic Universe to my mind is just as big as our Universe.
"Syn-Code" song line-up,
"Modesty Blaze I & II" song line-up,
Software projects info,
additional suggestions
Cody Jennings
Shreveport Louisiana, USA
(UTC -08:00)
They help me be more creative when I write. When I listen, I see visions, and I write them down as best as I can in hopes to make use of them in the future. I was shocked when they released "Software Visions". If Alexander is to "Cave", then Cody is to "Visions".
"Heaven-to-Hell" and "Cave" description. Dmitry Lihtin
St.Petersburg, Rusia
(UTC +03:00)
N/A yet ;-)
LOTS of pictures and tracklistings
Vitaly Leontiev
Moscow, Russia
(UTC +03:00)
Same as above

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