PySoulSeek is a client for SoulSeek filesharing system that runs under Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris and other Unices and sorta runs under Mac OS X (see below for details). PySoulSeek is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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The main chat window with chatrooms list
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User browse window
User info window (that's me on the pic)
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Mac OS X (Fink) screenshot


To use PySoulSeek you'll need all of the following:
  • Gtk+ 1.2
  • Python 2.2 or newer
  • wxPythonGTK 2.6.0 or newer (note: wxPython 2.4 is no longer supported)

    I also recommend installing Python Ogg and Python Vorbis bindings. They are not required, but if you install them, others will be able to see the bitrates and the lengths of Ogg Vorbis files that you share.
    Get them from
    Debian users should install the python-pyvorbis package.

    Red Hat Linux and SuSe users only need to get the official wxPythonGTK RPM from

    Debian, Mandrake and FreeBSD users should refer to the Downloads section below.

    If you're using any other Linux distribution, or a Unix flavour, I will be glad to receive a brief information from you on how to solve dependencies in the easiest possible way.

    Mac OS X requirements

    You need to download and install Fink. Then use it to install package pysoulseek from the unstable tree. For more information and help please read Fink documentation and particularly this FAQ item. If you run into trobles please use the Soulseek Forum. I don't have a Mac machine myself so please don't e-mail me with requests for help.

    Running pyslsk with wxPythonOSX (native Aqua port of wxPython) is possible, but not recommended, due to a high number of wxPythonOSX/wxMac bugs. I'm searching for someone willing to work with wx developers on fixing these bugs.

    There's currently an active project called SoulseeX that aims to create a native Cocoa soulseek port for Mac OS X. Further info here:

  • Downloads

    Stable release (you need to rescan your shares after upgrading):

    pyslsk-1.2.7c.tar.gz - the source (that you can also run right after unpacking, no compilation or Linux emulation is needed)
    pyslsk-1.2.7c-1.src.rpm - the source RPM package
    pyslsk-1.2.7c-1.noarch.rpm - the binary RPM package.

    Note that binary RPMs assume you have Python version 2.5 installed and that the python interpreter is located in /usr/bin/. If it isn't so, you should build your own binary RPM (instructions are provided in the INSTALL file or you can read the manpage for rpmbuild).

    Patches that haven't made it into the main distribution are available here.

    (16 Feb 2003) pyslsk is now available in FreeBSD ports. Install it with:

    cd /usr/ports/net/pyslsk
    make install clean

    Mandrake RPMs available here.

    If you can run wxPython demos, you can be sure PySoulSeek will run too.

    Installation and usage

    Read INSTALL and README files in the distribution.

    Plenty of useful information is also available in the nicotine faq.

    Good luck! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, bugreports and patches even more so.

    SoulSeek protocol

    There are two sources of protocol information at the moment: the source code of pyslsk and a draft document put together by SoleSeek team by studying pyslsk code and a bit of packet capture (latest cvs of that here). Both are unofficial.

    Contact info

    Alexander Kanavin

    PySoulSeek can be found at

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