Company overview

The Dream Team was created in October 2002, by a team of developers, on the basis of Lappeenranta University of Technology International Master's Program in Information Technology. Its headquarters are based in Lappeenranta. This is a relatively small company, but with promising future. The main focus of the company is placed on development of software solutions for small and medium companies on the Finnish market. The Dream Team employs at the moment 4 people. It also uses help of outside consultants on some special projects. At the moment company has just launched a project for the LUT library, development of lending system. The main focus of the company is a creation of quality software and further maintenance of these products.

Mission of the company

The Dream Team creates innovative and competitive solutions for small and medium companies on the Finnish market, enabling these companies to continuously improve their services provided to the customers.


The core values of the company are:

The structure of the company

We use a hierarchical structure, with a president at the head of the company and all of the executives form a board of directors at the same time. The functions of the Financial and Personnel departments are outsourced and are placed on YYY Audit and Consulting company.

Process model

The company uses Spiral Process Model The advantages of using the spiral model are varied: its design flexibility allows changes to be implemented at several stages of the project; the process of building up large systems in small segments makes it easier to do cost calculations; and the Client, who will be involved in the development of each segment, retains control over the direction and implementation of the project. In addition, the Client's knowledge of the project grows as the project grows, so that he can interface effectively with management.

Team organization

Team organization of the Dream Team is Controlled Decentralized (CD). It matches the structure of the company. According to R. Pressman's book "Software Engineering: A practitioner's approach" in the CD type of the team there is a leader, who coordinates all of the specific tasks performed by the team members. Each of the team members is responsible for a specific task. Problem solving remains largely a group activity, which is partitioned into sub-problems for each team member. Communication inside the team is horizontal, but there is still a possibility of vertical communication.

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