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[locale] [Gs-devel] AFPL PCL release (fwd)


 Вот еще полусвободные шрифты вроде как появились (45 URW ttfs). Никто не
смотрел, что там за шрифты и есть ли в них кирилица?

 Best regards,

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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:16:15 -0600 (MDT)
From: Henry Stiles <henrys@meerkat.dimensional.com>
Cc: everybody@artifex.com
To: gs-devel@ghostscript.com
Subject: [Gs-devel] AFPL PCL release
X-Mailer: VM 6.75 under 21.1 (patch 14) "Cuyahoga Valley" XEmacs Lucid

Artifex is pleased to announce the release of GhostPCL under Aladdin
Free Public License (AFPL).  PCL, PCLXL and HPGL/2-RTL
(U.S. registered trademarks of Hewlett-Packard Company) are page
description languages.  PCL is a language of compact escape sequences
that are embedded in a printer job stream to minimize data
transmission and decoding overhead.  PCLXL is an imaging protocol for
communicating image information between devices.  Both languages are
high level page description language solutions providing support for
raster and vector graphics, as well as rendering and management of
fonts.  The release also includes a set of 45 TrueType fonts from URW.
The fonts are released under AFPL license as well.

The PCL release and fonts are available at
http://www.artifex.com/downloads/.  We hope the PCL software
components and the URW fonts will be useful to the free user

PCL mailing lists will be set up and announced shortly.


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