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[locale] Fw: Opera


 Вот, похоже представится возможность напрямую повлиять
на разработчиков Opera.


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From: Tobias Brox <tobiasb@suptra.org>
To: alec@sensi.org <alec@sensi.org>
Date: 27 april 2001 20:30
Subject: Opera


You told me last time we met that you knew persons that were interesting
to work for Opera, fixing Russian character set and maybe a Russian
translation of Opera.

I was at a meeting at Opera today and mentionated this.  I don't know what
will happen further, but at least the guy I was speaking with told that he
would take it up within the organization.

They are desparately needing more manpower, but of course, since it's a
closed, propetary software project, they certainly don't want to
distribute it to Russia.

I'll come to Piter again in the end of May.  I hope we can meet again

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