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Привет всем!

Не совсем может быть в тему, но тут с японцем одним общался по вопросам
японизации QCad, и задал ему вопрос, который давно уже хотел задать
представителю этого народа :-)

> By the way, as I've already noticed, lots of the Japanese use the
> smiles of such type as (^^;), unlike others who prefer something as
> :-). Why is it so?  What do you think? It's really interesting for me.

>> The first use of Japanese smiley mark was in 1986 on a domestic news
>> group. I heard that the reason why Japanese don't use :) instead of
>> (^^) is that Japanese don't smile with one's mouse but eyes. I
>> actually find myself looking around one's eyes when I face somebody.
>> At the same time, It may be another reason that many Japanese have
>> too stiff shoulders to tilt their head to read :). I will show you
>> several funny examples.
>>  \(^o^)/~~  (-_-#)  (T_T)  (>_<)  m(__)m  (/^^)/  *)^o^(*  (*_*)  (?_?;)

Best regards,