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Cyr-HOWTO - письмо в LDP

Вот черновик моего письма в LDP. Если не будет замечаний, я его отошлю 
Guylhem Aznar на guylhem@metalab.unc.edu


I'd like to ask you to move Cyrillic-HOWTO into unmaintained category
for the following reasons:

1) It was last updated 2.5 years ago in January 1998. Nearly every section
is out-of-date now. Many of its recommendations are plain wrong today.
It only confuses newbies instead of helping them.

2) The author, Alexander Belikoff, did not answer to the same request (to
move the HOWTO into unmaintained category). His address still seems to be
valid though. He admitted in a public newsgroup that he doesn't have the
time to support the HOWTO some months ago.

3) For Russian-speaking users there's a vastly better source of
information and links regarding cyrillic and localisation issues - the FAQ
collection at my homepage. Unfortunately I don't have time to translate
and support a version in English. I'm searching for a volunteer though.

4) A couple of weeks ago an effort to produce an up-to date version of the
HOWTO started. So far they too will only support a version in 
Russian. Evgenij M. Baldin <baldin@sky.inp.nsk.su> leads this effort.



Homepage: http://www.sensi.org/~ak/