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Fw: Vim with UTF-8 support

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From: Bram Moolenaar <Bram@moolenaar.net>
To: linux-utf8@nl.linux.org <linux-utf8@nl.linux.org>
Date: 18  2000 . 12:25
Subject: Vim with UTF-8 support

Hello all,

The latest version of Vim has UTF-8 support.  It's still in an early
alpha-testing stage, many changes still to be made.

Vim is a text editor in the style of Vi with many improvements.

WARNING: This is really an unstable version.  Many things have been added
without proper testing.  It does crash.  It may destroy your work.

What should be working is basically the same as what works in the xterm with
utf-8 support: 16 bit characters, double-width and up to two combining
characters.  Up to 31 bit characters in the file can be used, but only 16 bit
characters are displayed properly.

It works in the utf-8 enabled xterm, Athena and Motif GUI.  I didn't manage to
make the GTK GUI use an utf-8 font, perhaps someone knows how to fix this.
I didn't try this on MS-Windows.  The code probably needs some work.

I'm not at all an expert in i18n, please have a look what can be improved.
Patches are welcome!

Basic instructions for compiling:
- Unpack the "src", "rt" and "lang" archives (see below).
- "cd src" and edit Makefile to set any features or system-specific items.
- "make".  Check the configure messages if gettext is found.
- "make install".  Careful: It may overwrite an existing vim executable.
- Run Vim.  If your $LANG is set for utf-8 it should work directly.
  Otherwise set the 'charcode' option to "utf-8".  If you use the GUI you have
  to set the 'guifont'.  Example:
:set charcode=utf-8
  :set guifont=-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--15-140-75-75-c-90-iso10646-1

Much information can be found with the on-line help:
for starters :help
utf-8 :help utf-8
new 6.0 features :help version6
known problems :help todo

You will probably run into problems.  Please report to me or the vim-dev
maillist (:help maillist).

You can find it here: ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/unreleased/

unix/vim-6.0b-rt.tar.gz runtime files
unix/vim-6.0b-src.tar.gz sources

extra/vim-6.0b-extra.tar.gz extra files
extra/vim-6.0b-lang.tar.gz multi-language files

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