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Fw: glibc 2.1.91 (first test release for 2.2)


 Утверждают, что полностью переписана поддержка POSIX locale
для UTF-8 плюс поддержка новых категорий (каких ?)

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From: Ulrich Drepper <drepper@redhat.com>
To: GNU libc testers <libc-alpha@sourceware.cygnus.com>; VGER gcc list <linux-gcc@vger.rutgers.edu>
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Date: 1 июля 2000 г. 12:05
Subject: glibc 2.1.91 (first test release for 2.2)

I've just uploaded to


the files

glibc-2.1.91.tar.bz2 (also glibc-2.1.91.tar.gz)

which contain the first test release for glibc 2.2.  A *lot* has
changed and therefore no diff again 2.1.3 is available.  If the
sourceware machine is not accessible due to overload please visit one
of the mirrors.  There is *no* crypt add-on anymore.  Due to the
change in the export restrictions we can now provide the crappy code in
the glibc sources.  Do not use an old add-on.

This is a first test release and not much testing in complete systems
and for compatibility has been done so far (this is why we are doing
public release).  This release is mainly meant to show the new
technologies and get early testers.  Don't install this version on any
production machine, best install it in a chroot environment or perform
tests without actually installing it.

This version is very near to feature-completeness for the 2.2 release.
There are only a few things which will change:

* the RPM code is completely f*cked up.  We are completely in limbo
  between the old code, a version with IPv6 support, and Sun's code.
  None of the developers actually has much experience with this code
  and so not much was done.

  I actually intended to remove the IPv6 changes before the release
  (since they are binary incompatible with the 2.1 release) but left
  it in since I don't want anybody to install this libc anyway and in
  the hope that somebody has mercy with the RPC code and volunteers to
  work on it.  If there is such a kind soul out there, please get in
  contact with me.

* the Linux/IA-64 code is not yet complete

* I do not know about the status of the two Linux ports which are not
  yet in glibc: HP/PA and S390.  Maybe they get in, maybe not.

Now a word about the changes:

* the db and db2 code is gone.  Since yet another interface change would
  have been necessary (the upstream maintainer did it, not me) I decided
  to drop it from glibc.  The only reason the code was there in the fist
  place was the NSS code and we now worked around the problem of not
  having the code in glibc.  The nss_db module us still built.

* the utmpd daemon is also gone.  It was only necessary for the transition
  from glibc 2.0 to 2.1

* new Linux ports: SPARC64, SH, IA-64.  The MIPS port now also works.

* completely rewritten locale code.  This is one of the biggest
  improvements but includes also the greatest risk of breakage.  The
  changes include:

  + full multibyte character set support.  This includes Asian character
    sets but (especially) also UTF-8

  + wide character stream functions.  All functions from ISO C99 are
    now implemented

  + next generation locale specification support, including new categories,
    and working without repertoire maps

  + much more standard compliant through testing and more careful studying
    of standards

  + better message translation support with handling of plural forms and
    automatic transformation of message to the current character set

* dozens (hundreds?) of new functions, mostly from new POSIX standards you
  probably have not even heard of.  This includes:

  + POSIX spawn functions

  + POSIX spinlocks

  + POSIX barriers

  + POSIX timer & clocks

  + POSIX shared memory

  + POSIX timed wait functions for various synchronization objects

  + extended socket API functions

* the resolver of the NSS DNS module is now allows access from multiple
  threads at the same time.

* major improvements in the thread library

  + fewer bugs

  + better performance (esp on x86)

  + new functions which help programs heavily using synchronization

Beside this we have the usual bug fixes (mainly for better compliance
with standards and compatibility with other systems) and cleanups.

What has not yet happened, we will start with this soon, is profiling
and memory leak testing.


The most important question (for me).

* simply compile and run the test suite.  But be aware, it's not a small
    sources:          88MB
    compile objects: 320MB (on IA-32, with static, shared, profile)

  Add to this the size for the installed files.  Compilation takes on
  a high-end dual CPU IA-32 machine about 40 min.  Don't try this on
  your i386 or Atari ST, kids.  You might not be able to use the
  machine for a week or so.

* volunteer to help on some of the open issues.  Take a look at


  I'm updating the list when something is done or something new comes
  up.  So please revisit the page.

* Test:

  + write own programs, recompile old programs.  I'm especially interested
    in programs using the new locale stuff.  Use it and write tons of
    UTF-8 enabled programs.  Also programs patched for Asian users should
    be tested.  No hacked-up glibc version is necessary anymore.

  + write new tests.  Tests are appreciated for all parts of the code, but
    especially again for the locale code.  Since a lot of the libc is
    influenced by the locale setting a lot has to be tested.

    You don't even have to be able to write C programs.  One part of the
    locale test suite consists of programs which are driven by tables.
    Simply adding new entries to the tables adds more tests.

  + compatibility testing.  Run programs compiled with old versions using
    the new libc.  Note that you cannot simply use only the new libc.so,
    you at least have to use the new ld.so as well.

How soon we can make the final 2.2 release depends on the help and
feedback we get.  If nobody gives any feedback this is as bad as if
nobody would do any tests at all.  Even if everything works
(especially then) also let us know.  All feedback related to this
release should be sent to


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